5 Practical Takeaways from “Relentless Pursuit” by Tonika Bruce

What does success mean to you? According to Tonika Bruce, best-selling author and business development coach, success is achieving your goals and purpose regardless of the challenges and obstacles that you face.

In one of her best-selling books, Relentless Pursuit, Coach Bruce (as she is commonly known) explains how critical success is to your life and existence. She offers valuable tips and steps you can take to position yourself for success and the practical ways you can stay focused and relentless in your pursuit.

How to Achieve Success

In the book, Relentless Pursuit, Coach Bruce acknowledges that many people worldwide know about making and earning money. Still, very few live within the glory, satisfaction, and abundance of the opportunities the world has to offer. According to her, only 1% of the world’s population is incredibly successful. 

You want to be successful and bask in the abundance of life. Whether financially, emotionally, philanthropically, or mentally, you define your success on your terms. What counts is that we all want to be successful in one way or another, one field or another. As a result, we need to set out and pursue what we believe and want in our lives. That’s why Coach Bruce gives you practical tips you can easily apply to your path to achieve success. Here are some takeaways you can pick from the book.

  1. You Need Success

Relentless Pursuit explains that you need success at different times in your life to accomplish your purpose of living. Your economic background or socioeconomic status doesn’t matter. If you fail to achieve success, everything around you fails with it. Your career, business, and personality may fail. The book also denotes that the journey doesn’t end at achieving your purpose. You have to make it an obligation to maintain your status, as failing to maintain success will cause everything you worked so hard to build to collapse. Here, the author gives relatable examples of once-powerful empires such as the Romans, Greek, Vikings, and American Indians.

As a result, you learn why success is necessary for your daily existence and why you should put effort into being the best version of yourself.

  1. Understand What Success Means To You and Set out Plans and Goals to Achieve it.

Another great lesson that you learn from reading Relentless Pursuit is identifying your word for success. Everyone you meet in life is unique and running on different paths. As a result, what you consider essential and urgent may be an optional choice to the other. Thus, you need to identify yourself and understand your path. In the book, the author takes you on a road to self-discovery and self-development, the two crucial success tools.

Once you know your path, set goals and plans to carry you forward. It’s not enough to say, “I want to achieve this.” Coach Bruce encourages you to set realistic goals and break them down into more achievable chunks. You can talk about achieving something by the end of one year, then break down the plan into monthly, weekly, and daily activities.

  1. Learn as Much as You can

It may be challenging if you are a professional and believe in yourself, but the value of information is priceless. According to Coach Bruce in her book, she says that the most successful people put so much effort into reading, learning, and exploring. She adds that while making excuses may be easy, you need to squeeze in some time and discover much about your field of interest. You may need to research books, videos, and even online. If there’s a need, you may consider getting a mentor. And most importantly, remember to implement.

  1. Be Consistent

Your next weapon towards achieving and maintaining success is staying consistent. This is part of the most challenging principles for the 99%, but the successful 1% adhere. While staying consistent may be difficult, it’s one way you will achieve your dreams and accomplish your purposes.

The book also reminds you of the phrase, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” As a result, you need to keep doing what you do if you want to live your full potential and gain the self-confidence that comes with accomplishments.

  1. Expect Failure

While doing everything to reach the top, Coach Bruce reminds you that failure is part of the journey. She explains that even the most successful people in your cycle failed at one point in their journey. The only reason they are exceptionally well-off is that they accepted the failure, learned from it, and moved towards recording success.

She says that the most successful people are not enjoying the status because of being special, but because they are obsessed with getting results. That means you need to focus on the results rather than obstacles and failures. Even though you may fall many times, rise again, learn from the mistake and continue. However, she warns about wallowing in guilt and proposes self-forgiveness and moving forward.

The tips we covered here are just some of the reasons you may want to grab a copy of this book and read it. This article isn’t exhaustive, as Relentless Pursuit has several points to help you unlock your potential and join the 1% most successful group of the world population.

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